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Meet DASH: 

The world’s first interoperable, AI-powered legal dashboard aligning lawyers, projects, and legal technologies. 

What is DASH?

DASH operates under two principles: technological interoperability and productivity management. We align lawyers, projects, and legal technologies by integrating the technologies underpinning a 21st-century legal practice. Our mission is to help legal departments achieve the highest calibre management of matters, thereby producing greater value for lawyers and clients alike.

Features include: monitoring financial and project matter performance, tracking tasks and resources, in-app messaging, and much more. Our predictive systems project financial margins and returns from legal services. DASH's interoperability features provide real time data exchange and collaboration with modern legal technologies.

Join us in championing widespread technological collaboration. 

  • INTEROPERABLE - DASH pioneers interoperable data exchange with diverse technologies. 
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Legal departments can stay abreast of clients, schedule legal tasks, and project financial and project performance. 
  • AI ENABLED & BLOCKCHAIN EMPOWERED - We harness the latest AI and cloud technologies.


Monitor financial and project performance, estimated efforts, task counts and more. 

Our predictive and recommendation engines project financial margins and returns from legal services.



Allocate and schedule lawyers' tasks.   



Track the progress of open, pending, and finalised matters.

Our easily customisable DASHboard displays a lawyer’s work at the task level.



A real time communication tool promotes prompt and targeted communication between users. 

The DASHboard

Each DASHboard is customizable, elegant, and intuitive, doing exactly what needs to be done.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Organize Clients

Every client. Every contact detail. Every pending issue.
All in one place. 


Monitor Tasks

Allocate resources, budget efforts, costs, and leave real time instructions.

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DASH In The News:

Larry Bridgesmith, Founder and CEO of legal tech company, Dash, which is ‘the world’s first interoperable, AI-powered platform for aligning people, projects, and processes for optimum results’. He is also Adjunct Professor, Program on Law & Innovation Coordinator, at the Vanderbilt Law School.

Bridgesmith covered a lot of great territory in his speech about the exponential changes in legal technology in recent years and where we are headed. But, the key idea was exemplified by Dash, which is now in beta, and is designed to help connect the many machine learning, data analysis and blockchain applications that are now emerging, all together.

He also raised another key point: ‘We’ve got to get through this together.’

That is to say, law firms cannot build the future alone, they’ll need to work with clients’ inhouse teams, operations teams and executives who are not in the legal team. They’ll need to work together with LPOs and ALSPs. They’ll also need to work hand in hand with start-ups with new and untried technology, as well as the tech giants now showing great interest in the legal sector such as IBM and Microsoft.

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February 5, 2018 by Milt Capps, Venture Nashville

NASHVILLE Lawtech specialist Larry Bridgesmith JD doesn't just casually sketch-out a "gameplan" when talk turns to startup Legal Alignment and its proprietary DASH legal project management software.

Instead, in tones that might be a blend of barrister and professor, the company's co-founder and CEO brings to the discussion the thoroughness of a trained advocate and the forward-leaning drive of an entrepreneur.

That'll come in handy, given that the serial entrepreneur, his team and their advisors seek nothing less than to carve-out a piece of the white-hot Lawtech market. They are within weeks of their formal market entry and recently began the first of a series of three capital raises.

Visit Venture Nashville to continue reading Milt Capps' coverage of Legal Alignment and DASH.

I recently learned a new word. A word I had been searching for a long time. A word and an image that captures a concept that legal technology must adopt for the sake of its future, its customers, their clients, access to justice and the economy.


This article originally appeared on lawdotcom.

The essence of legal economics is professional excellence in legal service delivery embedded in a sustainable business model. In recent years, there has been a significant focus on the latter while assuming the existence of the former. To improve the delivery of legal services, innovation in law must take into account the conflicting silos of law schools, legal practice and legal technology. Collaboration among these essential components of today’s legal practice is critical.


CEO Larry Bridesmith introduced DASH and spoke at the British Legal Technology Forum 2018 in London, England.


The impact of technology tools and applications is very apparent in our lives. Siri finds us the closest Starbucks. Alexa plays our favorite mood music, turns off the lights at the same time and waters the lawn as well if you wish. Google advises us about the time to leave for our next ap- pointment and the best route to take to get there on time.

These and many more “on demand” functions have found their way into our daily rou- tines without any request on our part. We did not ask Apple to create a virtual assistant. She showed up one day on our iPhone. Amazon an- ticipates our reading, listening and grocery needs, and provides suggestions for on demand delivery later that same day. How did we get to this place of economic in- stant gratification when owning a car becomes more expensive than having Uber deliver you to your destinations?

Read the full article in Legal Business World

The DASH Team:

The mastermind behind DASH, Larry has over 30 years in the practice of employment and labor law. This experience grew into legal services consultation and training in effective and efficient project and change management within law firms and legal departments. A noted speaker at legal industry events, Larry also serves as an Adjunct Professor and Coordinator of the Program on Law & Innovation at the Vanderbilt Law School, and leads the Music City Legal Hackers, a Vanderbilt Law School initiative.

Larry believes in giving lawyers their lives back. By bringing Lean, Agile and Legal Project Management to the practice of law, the lawyer/client relationship can return to a trusted and collaborative relationship. By practicing law "better, faster and cheaper" clients can grow comfortable with legal matter price certainty and lawyers can enjoy greater profitability through efficiency, rather than waste. Access to Justice is more than "free legal advice". DASH brings all these ideals together to provide value to lawyers and clients alike.

Larry Bridgesmith
CEO & Co-Founder

Cat is a fifth generation lawyer and just as law is in her DNA, so is the client-first mindset that made her a practitioner of human-centered design thinking (HCDT) in law. Cat understands and teaches what more lawyers need to learn: we must put clients and their needs first in all that we do in the process of delivering legal services. As the ABA's 2016 Report on the Future of Legal Services warns the profession: "Those who seek legal services expect us to deliver legal services differently." Only through a truly client-centered approach that leverages technology and innovation will lawyers thrive in the 21st century.

Cat teaches human-centered design and the business of law at Vanderbilt Law School, her alma mater, and provides design facilitation and coaching to legal professionals globally.

Cat believes that all lawyers deserve to have tools and technologies that are at once beautiful and functional, and that elevate the practice of law by leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies. THAT is why she's helping to build DASH.

Cat Moon, MA JD LPP

Tony has over 17 years of design experience in architecture and product design. Tony holds a Ph.D. in human-centered product design and has led a variety of healthcare mobile teams to develop a patient portal, a schedule and messaging app, and a task management and employee engagement app. Tony is passionate about human-centered design and believes in the power of small, dedicated teams to deliver innovative solutions. Tony also co-facilitates Caffy Hour, a design thinking meet-up in Nashville, each month.

As the VP of Product, Tony will work with the technical team to translate user and business needs into design requirements helping to make DASH as lawyer-centered as possible.

Tony Threatt, Ph.D.
VP of Product

Adel has over 20 years of experience managing complex technical projects and teams, having successfully co-founded and exited two healthcare startups. Not only does Adel speak six languages, he also possesses an atypical and impressive capacity to communicate highly technical concepts to the non-technical mind.

Adel brings his significant technical and management skills and startup experience to Legal Alignment's development team, and his vision is the driving force behind the technical brilliance of the DASH platform.

Adel holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Adel ElMessiry, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Advisor

Mohamed, a software engineer, graduated from Alexandria University in Egypt and holds a master degree in Business Administration (MBA). 

His two decades of technical skills experience along with his business background have enabled him to successfully bridge between business stakeholders and development team to deliver high quality software in reasonable time.

Mohamed Taraman
Senior Technical Lead

Rebecca graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University in 2017. During her studies, she co-founded the legal technology company Case Crunch, which received international attention and acclaim.

She has accumulated legal experience in over four continents, including internships at the New York Supreme Court, an NGO in Sierra Leone, and an international law firm in China. Rebecca is motivated by her immense passion for innovating the legal industry, and desire to increase access to justice through technology.

As Director of Business Development and Client Services, Rebecca is responsible for developing DASH's user base, directing marketing efforts, and serves as customer services and relationship officer. She is excited to develop DASH into an invaluable and irreplaceable tool for lawyers.

Rebecca Agliolo
Director of Business Development and Client Services


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